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Nutrition Unlimited Inc offers a senior care dining operations solution that utilizes an innovative web-based software. This system interfaces with other applications in the community to offer clients an integrated solution for quality dining operations. The software improves efficiency and assists clients with every aspect of their operations.

Menu System

This system includes regional sets of seasonal menus that are designed and updated every six months. There is an automated diet/menu spreading feature that allows the user to customize menus in-house to meet preferences and automatically spread food items to adjust for the different diet orders. The menus can also be easily customized with the preferred diet orders. These changes integrate with all menu sets and/or the Select Menu Dining Tickets to assure accuracy. The Menu System also includes extensive recipe files, menu production sheets, and nutritional analysis. Through a food distributor interface, Assisted Dining Solutions™ converts our production sheet in to a suggested food order guide complete with item numbers, costs, quantity, etc. based on facility census and additional meals.

Menu System 


  • The Menu Maker function allows the user to design or customize the loaded seasonal menus. Any food selected in the drop down box will spread across and adjust for the different diet orders to meet diet specifics. Menus will print with an RD signature when changes are saved and production menus are printed.

  • The Diet Maker on the menu allows user to select the preferred diets for their menu headers. Once selected, all of the foods will automatically change in the column to adjust for the selected diet order. This allows the end user to customize menus with diet orders that sync with the physician ordered diets.

  • The Menu Maker allows the user to select a view cost option to review food item costs, meal costs and daily menu costs. This feature assists in managing raw food budgets.

  • Various menu sets are available: select menus, buffet menus, kosher menus, corporate menus, liberalized diet sets, therapeutic sets, etc.

  • Menus print in the following formats: Regular/WAGs/Spreads/Weekly, Alternate/WAGs/Spreads/Weekly, Daily Menus with Regular/Alternate menu items, Wall Menus with Regular/Alternates menu items, Select Menus with Regular/Alternate/Additional items.

  • The automated Menu Production Report compiles Memory Care Dining Ticket census and Menu Maker data to generate a production report complete with food items, recipe numbers, portion sizes, production amounts, next day preparation directives and thawing directives.

  • Regular/HACCP/Pureed recipes scaled, categorized and numbered to sync with the automated Menu Production Reports.

  • Recipe Search/Scale link options, Recipe Maker and Upload functions available.

  • Nutritional Analysis detailing calories, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

  • Food Distributor interface allows the user to generate integrated purchase orders from a locked down order guide that calculates amount to order, displays current food prices, item description, pack size, etc.

Management System

The Management System includes an integrated PPD Budget Manager that reports planned PPD, allowable budget based on census, current expenses, actual PPD and monthly balance. This can be reviewed at any time to offer guidance on purchases. The Management System also includes resources necessary for dining operations: training videos, direct order entry link to food distributors, policies and procedures, foodservice specific in-services/quizzes and operational forms.

Management System 


  • Automated Budget report system allows user to enter budget for cost centers annually. Enter invoice amounts manually/integrated that total monthly costs. This data generates a Budget Report that shows budget, allowable expenses based on current census/additional meals, expenses to date, per day costs and monthly balance. This automated system is a great tool for tracking and maintaining desired budgets.

  • The Help Desk Tab includes training videos for each of the software systems allowing the user to get refresher training sessions in the privacy of their office. It also includes an Online User Manual, FAQs, and 24-7 Tech Support at no additional costs.

  • Complete Dining Policy & Procedure Manual frequently updated to comply with national trends and/or changes in regulations.

  • Annual Dining Operations In-services (12) with quizzes that are updated every January.

  • Operational forms for kitchen management, resident assessments, and cost management.

Ticket System

A state-of-the-art dining ticket system for our memory care units offer various format options (Standard, Select, Advanced Select Menu and Point of Service). POS Select Menu tickets are generated by tableside and/or room service requests via a tablet, iPad or Android device. These resident selections can be prepared immediately by using hard copy tickets or implementing our paperless Dining Ticket system. All formats include diet icons, pictures of residents, pictures of adaptive devices, etc. that integrate with other system modules to generate various reports.

Ticket System 


  • Totally integrated with all system modules to eliminate duplicate entries.

  • Dining tickets can be set up to offer a simplified format or detailed formats.

  • Four dining ticket options are available for the different levels of care/dining experience.

  • Standard dining tickets with the below features display color coded likes/dislikes.

  • Select Menu dining tickets display diet specific regular and alternate menu item food options.

  • Advanced Select Menu dining tickets include regular, alternate & always available menu items.

  • Point of Service Select Menu dining tickets allow a server to use a tablet, iPad or Android device to take resident menu selections at the table (or bedside) to generate dining tickets with resident choices.

  • All dining ticket options include resident images or silhouettes for staff to become more familiar with the ones they serve.

  • All dining ticket options include diet and thickened liquids icons to assist in the plate setup and assure diet compliance/efficiency.

  • All dining ticket options include images of adaptive devices to remind staff of the proper equipment needed for each resident plate.

  • All dining tickets have multiple print options that can be customized per community.

  • All dining ticket data fields (diets, likes/dislikes, beverages, adaptive devices, snacks & supplements) have default settings and allows users to edit settings to meet their needs.

  • The resident record is integrated and updates other modules to generate supplement manager reports, supplement labels, various production reports, census data, and food-labor ppd reports

Reporting System

Additional features include a Weight Tracker-Supplement Usage Manager designed to manage weights and help control supplement costs for our Memory Care clients. Unnecessary supplements are identified to discontinue based on resident status changes. It provides detailed information valuable to assess needs, manage costs, and eliminate liability. This module also includes integrated supplement labels, supplement/snack production reports, etc. These reports automatically update every time a change is made for the resident which helps assure accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Reporting System 


  • Supplement Usage Manager is an integrated report that displays all residents, diet orders, supplement orders, ideal/usual body weights, body mass index, current weights, percent changes and alerts. The system red flags residents who are overweight receiving supplements, residents that are underweight without supplements, and residents that have significant weight changes to manage supplement usage. This system will reduce supplement costs to exactly what is required to address the acuity level of your residents as well as help maintain census with healthy residents.

  • Supplement labels include resident images, product order information and have multiple print options.

  • Diet Master includes names, diet orders, production numbers, and percent intakes.

  • Beverage Master includes totals of all beverages (regular & thickened) that need to be setup prior to each meal service. This production report will eliminate all beverage waste.

  • Supplement Master includes names, supplement orders, delivery times, and supplement par levels to manage inventory and control costs.

  • Snack Master includes names, snack orders, delivery times and preparation data to improve efficiency.

  • Adaptive Device Master includes names, devices, times and tray line set up data.

  • Thicken Liquids Master includes names, thickened liquids, times, etc.

  • Everything in the Clinical System Module is integrated with the Dining Tickets to automatically reflect changes in each of the above systems.

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