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Nutrition Unlimited, Inc.

Nutrition Unlimited, Inc was established in 1993 by Donna Robinson-Brownlee, a Registered/Licensed Dietitian. Donna's commitment to excellence in patient care has guided her to specialize in Geriatric Nutrition in the Long Term Care environment. Donna provides Nutrition Consulting Services to Nursing Homes, Hospitals, ALF's, Home Health Care, Government Nutrition Education and Specialized Weight Loss Programs. 

Nutrition Unlimited has grown to recruit and provide Registered and Licensed Dietitians to hospitals, long-term care facilities, dialysis centers, and other community businesses primarily in Florida and the Southeastern United States. Donna and her team are passionate advocates of health and wellness who understand nutrition is the key to recovery and overall quality of life. Their dedicated recruiters work exclusively in the nutrition industry and are experts in providing technical expertise and the ability to fill positions with Registered and Licensed Dietitians. We understand nutrition and we get the urgency of needing the right Dietitian for meeting your specific needs. We are here to serve you.

Nutrition Unlimited, Inc. 


Donna Robinson-Brownlee, RD/LD

President and Owner 

Nutrition Unlimited, Inc.

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